Dubingių žirgynas

About the Stud

Dubingiai Stud is the first stage of entertainment complex Dubingiai Diamond Resort established in the surrounding of the unique nature. Three lakes, forests, long-lived oaks, spectacular sunsets drowned in the fog in the ravine behind the outdoor horse arena in summer evenings create peculiar cosiness and peace. Every spring in Žalktynė village forest not far away from us one can see the feasts of grass-snakes. Herein the uproar of cars and people specific to the city is replaced by the sounds of nature: the speech of animals, rustle of forests and ripple of water. While staying at Dubingiai Stud one can forget the city, its noise and mud and feel the natural nature.

Dubingiai Stud is distinguished not only by nature, where it is established, but also by its architectural uniqueness. 1500 sq. m. round inside arena including unique and original wooden roof constructions and cosy lighting is what distinguishes us from other Lithuanian studs. Moreover, there is the arena, horse stables, restaurant and hotel in Dubingiai Stud under one round roof. While sitting in the restaurant one can admire the horses riding in the arena, and while sitting in the terrace one can admire the elegance of horses riding in the outdoor arena.

Since the nature itself is very unique and speaks for itself, our goal is to create infrastructure joining the nature which would not put the exclusivity of the nature into the shade but maybe even stress this uniqueness. The architectural ensemble has been formed gradually and its dynamics has been a continuous process.