Dubingių žirgynas


Our Mini Zoo is an important part of Dubingiai Diamond Resort recreation infrastructure – it is a part of educational-cognitive programme for a person missing nature.

In our mini zoo we keep red deer, fallow deer and mouflons, beautiful alpacas, ponies and Miniature horses, mini goats and sheep pasturing in the fields, fleet footed ostriches, proudly walking peacocks, freely running rabbits and various breeds of hens in the island of the lake. There are Muscovy Ducks and black swans swimming in the lake.

You can see mares with foals grazing in the pastures, and in the alley of horses you can admire Friesian, Paint, Holstein, Shire and Lithuanian Riding horses as well as Miniature Horses and ponies.

During warm season our horses can be seen in the pastures.

For such a walk you will only need rational footwear and clothes.